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TaylorMade Exhaust Systems

Taylormade Exhaust Systems give you the owner 4 unique features which set your purchase of a performance exhaust apart from all other performance exhausts:

A solid performance gain without extreme loudness

Weight reduction

Underseat design does not heat up the rider or passenger saddle

A 100% increase in style 

The entire package is made possible through improved heat management technology which is not present in any other motorcycle exhaust system. The greatest problem with any underseat exhaust system is the uncomfortable heat build-up just below the saddle, pillion and tailpiece. This heat build buil-up can cause problems ranging from discomfort to equipment damage through heat. In extreme cases melted plastics, wiring damage and even fire can occur. Taylormade exhaust systems solve the problem through innovative technology which solves the heat problem and improves gas flow through the system.

Taylormade's Hi-tech Innovation - CoolCeramic Technology - CCT 


Taylormade Racing's unique range of products offer levels of heat management technology and no compromise design, that set new standards in the replacement tailpipe market. Heat management is the key to both improved performance and rider comfort with an underseat exhaust. Taylormade's CoolCeramic Technology brings improvements in both areas and is a first for street motorcycle exhausts. Paul Taylor said: 'We spent a lot of time working with coatings and materials and kept coming back to ceramics. Taylormade pipes are made of thin-wall steel tubing which is ceramic coated both inside and out, to retain the heat (energy) within the gas. The coating is baked on at 760 degrees Fahrenheit and is a proven way to enhance performance. The technology has been used in drag cars to boost performance, but this is the first time it will be available for street bikes.


CoolCeramic Technology continues with a specially-developed ceramic wool inside the muffler, and the use of a bright aluminum surface lining to reflect heat back into the pipe.


The systems are lighter, and boost power. The Stock Suzuki GSXR 1000 already has an excellent power curve. With a Taylormade system things get better right through the range. The sound is good too. The designers have aimed for a deeper, growlier note that while distinctive, is not uncomfortable or offensive. Rider comfort is maintained by keeping the maximum heat within the pipe until the exit area . While the end section is warmer than a conventional pipe, Taylormade underseat pipes run cooler and won't cook the rider. Taylormade's 'race quality' approach means the use of smaller diameter tubes - which maintain gas velocity rather than reducing it. With tighter tolerances and the use of precision mandrel tube-formers and TIG welds during manufacture. All pipework is very-thin-wall stainless steel for top quality corrosion resistance, durabilty and light weight. The result is a better muffler that is different, discreet, but thoroughly practical.


Taylormade components are produced at the company's base in Van Nuys, California and are supplied with fully illustrated instructions and all fittings. Installation, which is fully reversible, should be easy for anyone who does light maintenance on their own bike. Tornado Developments recommends that the installation of the pipe is accompanied by a professional dyno tune to ensure that the pipe delivers its' full potential.


A table of just some of the Available Taylormade Exhaust Systems





Horsepower Gain

Weight Saving


GSX-R1000 K5


3.6 KG


GSX-R1000 K3

3-7 BHP

3.0 KG


GSX-R600/750 K4-K5

2.7-3.9 BHP (600)

2.3 KG


ZX10R (04-05)


3.6 KG


Futura RST


2.7 KG


R1 ('04)


2.0 KG


R1 ('02-03) "Stealth" Version - See picture on next page


5.0 KG




All of the the above pipes also add at least 100% more style.

This is a picture of a Yamaha R1 which has the "Stealth" pipe fitted. Note how the widemouth pipe cunningly exhausts through the aperture nornally occupied by the taillight. The taillight is replaced by a powerful LED striplight just above the license plate. Really smooth!!


Aprilia RST Futura

Suzuki GSX-R1000 with widemouth pipe

A special project for Kawasaki ZX-6R

Suzuki GSX-R1000 twin pipe version


If you are thinking about a really clean way to get improved performance, then the Taylormade underseat exhaust has to be on your list. Face it, after looking at Taylormade pipes, other pipes will have too many compromises. Avoid continuous unhappiness try to get one now!


How to get a Taylormade Exhaust

Speak to Tornado Developments to get the right package for your Motorcycle.

Tornado Developments is the official South African Agent for the Taylormade Racing Inc.