Racing tipe stand allows front fork removal Front wheel paddock stand
Tornado Rear wheel paddock stand Universal stand lifts front and rear
Tornado  2 paddock stands Photo 
Single sides swing arm paddock stand
Cruiser tipe lockable hydraulic stand


The one man stand is universal it will fit virtually any bike only the actual attachment where the stand attaches to the bike changes because the stand fits on the swing arm pivot point and not all bikes have the same size swing arm pivot bolt or nut.

The 2004 to 2008 Fire blades will fit the same fittings so you will only need one set of fittings. The stand fits onto the swing arm pivot point as such it lifts the rear wheel clear of the ground and removes so much weight from the front wheel that it can be picked up with one hand in the workshop we wrap a brick with paper and put it under the front tip of the fairing as there is so little weight on it there is no chance of damaging or cracking the fairing
and both wheels are in the air obviously there is even less weight on the stand and the fairing tip when you remove the wheel assemblies,

The stand is wider than the widest part of the bike so it’s extremely stable and the bike cannot fall over I hope this explains the way the stand works